about us

The idea of ICCM and its identity comes from a distant past when musicians and music organizations performed newly written music as a matter of course. Today, however, this is no longer true. We as a culture are determined to drive in reverse and park in the past. It is this existential incongruency that ICCM address: bring the listeners back to our own time by offering them a rich and exciting plethora of current music.

First contemplated in 2019 and defined at the beginning of 2020, ICCM is an organization that utilizes a corporate model which combines the charity-driven community ownership with brass-tacks business norms. We believe in deep and noble artistic values and in unabridged, uncompromised artistic standards. Every age has its prophets – ours does too. Our job is to find them and perform their works because they speak the truth of our time. That is what ICCM is about.


ICCM is an international centre for performance, production, and promotion of contemporary music. London based, and one of a few of its kind in the world, the new centre is performance oriented; its ensembles, programs, and services are intended to provide a platform for the creation and performance of new works as well as to give new exposure to the significant ones from the recent past. ICCM’s mission, then, is to be a fulcrum of contemporary symphonic music on the international music scene.

artistic policy

ICCM has come to existence out of artistic necessity. Three distinguishing features of the contemporary music scene pushed us toward ICCM’s formation: the need to create greater audience exposure to contemporary works for full orchestra; to discredit the notion that contemporary music is of necessity weird, auditorily unintelligible, and discombobulating; and the need to perform works of recent past which have long been ignored after their premiere. In short: a balanced but specialized and unpretentious artistic vision.


Secondly, we recognize that ours is a mammoth task requiring a many-pronged approach. This, we believe, will be achieved through judicious selection of repertoire, consistent educational effort, investment in young composers and listeners; by presenting projects that are revelatory and enlightening; and by engaging with many local and guest orchestras, arts institutions, and individual artists.

administration & management

Executive Director

Mark Friend

Artistic & Music Director

Zvonimir Hačko

Production Manager

Charlotte Templeman

Technical & IT Services

Ed Stevens


Gretchen Potter

Marketing & PR

Romulus Graphic Design and Media

Accounting Services

Anthony Epton, Chief Accountant

Goldwins Chartered Accountants

Anastasiya Nikolova

Goldwins Chartered Accountants

Legal Counsel

Hannah Kubie, partner, Stone King LLC

Clive Vergnaud, Stone King LLC

Harriet Broughton, Stone King LLC


Spin Communications

Website development & design

Turchini Design Limited

board of trustees

Steve Long, Chair & founding member

Mark Friend, Executive Director

Zvonimir Hačko, founding member
Paolo Petrocelli, founding member

Erika Sanchez, founding member


Project design/development: Zvonimir Hačko

Development Committee:

Zvonimir Hačko, chair
Paolo Petrocelli, chair (subsequent chair)

Illustrations by Sergiy Maidukov

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