the creative circle

The Creative Circle (CC) is a prestigious body of creatives at ICCM who are given special opportunities to contribute in the way most appropriate for them so to enhance their own growth and the program goals of the institution. They are selected from around the world, representing a wide range of ethnicities, cultures, philosophical perspectives, genders, and specialties. Their primary purpose is to serve as ambassadors of new art to the world while enriching their own output and the experiences of people we interact with. The group varies in size and membership and has no fixed terms of service nor required contribution. When individual members do engage in a specific project, they are given full support from ICCM for its realization.

members of the Creative Circle

Clarice Assad

      composer (Brazil/USA)

Wojciech Błażejczyk

      composer (Poland)

Roxanna Panufnik

      composer (United Kingdom)

Simon Steen-Andersen

      composer (Denmark)

Eleine Marton

      producer (USA)

Thierry Escaich

      composer (France)

James Lee III

      composer (USA)

Paweł Mykietyn

      composer (Poland)

Riccardo Riccardi

      composer/educator (Italy)

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