administration & management

Executive Director

Mark Friend

Artistic & Music Director

Zvonimir Hačko

Director of International Projects

Riccardo Riccardi

Production Manager

Charlotte Templeman

Technical & IT Services

Ed Stevens


Gretchen Potter

Marketing & PR

Romulus Graphic Design and Media

Accounting Services

Anthony Epton, Chief Accountant

Goldwins Chartered Accountants

Anastasiya Nikolova

Goldwins Chartered Accountants

Legal Counsel

Hannah Kubie, partner, Stone King LLC

Clive Vergnaud, Stone King LLC

Harriet Broughton, Stone King LLC


Spin Communications

Website development & design

Turchini Design Limited

board of trustees

Steve Long, Chair & founding member

Mark Friend, Executive Director

Zvonimir Hačko, founding member
Paolo Petrocelli, founding member

Erika Sanchez, founding member


Project design/development: Zvonimir Hačko

Development Committee:

Zvonimir Hačko, chair
Paolo Petrocelli, chair (subsequent chair)

Illustrations by Sergiy Maidukov

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